Driving progress by empowering women in construction

In the midst of scaffolds and blueprints, a powerful shift is reshaping the construction landscape: the increasing presence of women in our industry. At Gulaga Services, we passionately endorse this transformation, recognising the immense contributions women make. People lie at the heart of our company, influencing our actions and objectives. Within our team, our female members consistently embody and reinforce this core value.

Gulaga Services is committed to encouraging the participation of women, not just for the success of our business but as the right path forward. Women play key roles at all levels within our organisation, and we’re excited about what the future holds for them. Let’s talk about driving progress by empowering women in construction.

The NSW Government is taking active steps

We are not alone in our mission to enhance inclusivity within the construction sector. The NSW Government is actively promoting diversity and creating a safer workplace environment for women in the industry.

As a part of their recent budget, they unveiled a $20.2 million investment spanning three years to attract a greater number of women to construction.

In addition, they’ve set a very ambitious target – by 2030, they would like women to fill 15% of trade and non-traditional roles. To achieve this, the NSW Government has developed the Women in Construction strategy.

A pivotal component of this strategy is the Industry Innovation Program, a $10 million initiative that offers grant funding to eligible construction organisations in NSW. These grants support innovative pilot projects aimed at fostering female participation throughout the construction industry’s supply chain.

Diversity and inclusion

We are a leading construction contractor, servicing top Australian brands and government departments with a strong values-based approach. Our core values include safety, accountability, integrity, respect, empathy, courage and diversity.

Laura Tarabay, HR Coordinator at Gulaga Services, says, “Two of our values are integrity and respect, and I believe that those values are reflected in everything we do: in the construction space and in the office space.”

Fostering an inclusive workforce has benefits for the business, leadership and employees alike. Some of them include enhanced innovation, improved decision-making, increased employee engagement, reduced turnover and absenteeism, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Generally, a workplace characterised by diversity and employee satisfaction tends to result in improved financial performance and positions the business for more effective national or global competitiveness.

Little girl engineering ideas concept with hand holding plastering tools renovating a house

Supporting the next generation

At Gulaga Services, our mission is to nurture the next generation of construction professionals, including women. We craft our training and internship programs to impart knowledge, hone skills and foster the business acumen needed to thrive in construction careers.

As an Aboriginal-owned business, we also proactively champion Aboriginal participation in construction, offering strategically designed, high-impact mentoring, upskilling and pre-employment programs that prepare candidates to be job-ready for specific roles or industries.

To promote gender equality, we align with the NSW Government’s Women in Construction Strategy and actively encourage women to join our team.

“We absolutely encourage women to work in construction. We have women in the office space, we have women in the trade space, and we have women as interns looking to be project managers and contract administrators. Women are an integral part of our company,” says Laura.

The path forward

To achieve greater inclusivity, we won’t consider our work complete until women commonly enjoy and advance in construction careers. We remain committed to this goal until we see it fully realised.

Presently, with only a 5% female workforce representation in the construction industry in NSW and a national average of 13%, it’s no surprise that construction remains the most male-dominated sector across the nation. It’s high time to break through some glass ceilings.

We not only align with government initiatives but also prioritise giving a voice to the women on our team.

We encourage feedback and input from all team members and take special care to ensure that our female employees feel comfortable doing so. Through our mentorship programs, we provide them with a well-defined route for career growth and offer support for their educational and training needs. At Gulaga Services, we don’t just talk about gender equality, we actively demonstrate our commitment to it.

Are you interested in a career in the construction industry?

At Gulaga Services, we are always interested in hearing from enthusiastic and committed individuals who are eager to enter the construction industry in any capacity. We value diversity and offer a safe, inclusive environment for everyone.

We always have work opportunities available and would love to hear from you. Contact a friendly member of our team today to learn more about careers at Gulaga Services.