Our Reconciliation Action Plan – Innovate

Gulaga Services is committed to building vibrant, connected communities that involve all Australians. To achieve this vision, we have a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – Innovate – that Reconciliation Australia has endorsed.

Founded in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, Gulaga set out to serve all Australians, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, by providing employment and training opportunities and quality construction services to the public sector.

People are at the heart of who we are, what we do and why we do it

We are more than just a construction company – we’re building relationships and communities.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the land, and respect and value their cultures and histories.

To achieve our reconciliation vision, we are actively increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ employment and training participation, thereby closing the employment, education and training gap with other Australians.

Ideally, this will spark more equitable outcomes in other areas such as health, safety, family and community, wellbeing and incarceration.

We are building and nurturing strong, respectful partnerships with stakeholders and the community to push for equality and remove disparity so we can all enjoy a future where we are one country, one people.

Our RAP, our why

Our Reconciliation Action Plan drives us toward achieving our reconciliation vision by establishing specific objectives and actions that we are accountable for implementing. The process involves building relationships, nurturing respect, identifying opportunities, tracking progress and reporting results.

Joel Parsons, Joint Director of Gulaga Services Australia, is a direct descendant of the Yuin/Walbunja group located on the southeast coast of NSW. Joel has a strong traditional and spiritual connection to the east coast area that we serve, and he is our First Nations representative on our RAP Working Group, ensuring ownership and responsibility.

We are actively working to provide real opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and support their right to have the same prospects for education, health, employment and business. We’re constantly evolving and improving our induction process for optimal retention and providing ongoing pastoral care for employees.

We do this because it’s part of who we are. We have a passion for diversity in the workplace and a deep sense of duty to champion equality in our industry.

Respectful relationships

The foundation of a respectful relationship is understanding. This begins with understanding and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures, histories, lands, waters and rights.

As a company, Gulaga Services embraces Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions of keeping heritage alive by passing it down the generations through arts, ceremonies and performances, teaching languages and protecting sacred sites and objects. We demonstrate our respect and appreciation through participation.

When it comes to employment, Gulaga wants to promote an easier pathway. That’s why we have partnered with various Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander active job providers, community leaders and sustainable job managers throughout Australia.

While we support increasing employment opportunities, our focus is retention. We want to develop careers and progression, as this will ultimately provide long-term benefit to the individual and our reconciliation goals.

Work with an industry leading construction contractor specialising in Aboriginal participation

Gulaga Services creates world class spaces, offers comprehensive training programs, and provides social services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We bring a social and sustainable approach to everything we do.

Trust us with your next specialist construction project.

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