A transformative education construction success story for Randwick Boys High School

A transformative education construction success story for Randwick Boys High School

Empty school laboratory room

Working in construction is always gratifying, but especially when you’re building a better future by providing learning spaces that are inclusive and practical and that inspire curiosity, culture and teamwork. That’s why we would like to share this education construction success story with you.

Gulaga Services is Aboriginal-owned and operated, with specialist expertise in education construction. Recently, we completed a transformative project at Randwick Boys High School. This endeavour included additional works and required swift thinking and a robust partnership between the school and our experienced Project Manager, David Ridgewell.

About Randwick Boys High School

While the school’s history dates back to 1883, it has been at its current premises since the 1950s. Randwick Boys High School has a legacy of delivering excellent education to young men and takes pride in offering an exclusive education in an inclusive environment.

The school’s mission is to cultivate a comprehensive skill set and a strong ethical foundation within the students, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to assume leadership roles in society in the future. This is a mission Gulaga Services is proud to contribute to in the best way we can, with high-quality construction.

To continue with this mission, proper equipment is a necessity. A functional, safe, well-designed, state-of-the-art environment not only facilitates learning, it reflects positively on our commitment to fostering excellence in education.

Big and clean laboratory table

About the project scope

Gulaga Services submitted a tender for the project, which initially included the renovation and upgrade of an existing toilet and gymnasium into two science labs and a prep room. The original space did not align with the NSW Government’s educational facilities standards and guidelines (EFSG), but we have since ensured compliance.

This was a design and construct project, incorporating specifications provided by the design team. We executed it in stages according to these specifications, all completed on time and within the designated budget.

Ensuring the continuous operation of Randwick Boys High School with minimal disruption was a top priority. Our ability to achieve this is due to our extensive expertise in live environment projects and our dedication to health, safety and noise reduction measures. As with all of our projects, this one started with a comprehensive assessment of potential hazards and risks by the project manager prior to construction.

Huge empty and clean laboratory classroom

Changes to plans

As part of the Randwick Boys High School Project, we undertook additional tasks, including the removal and replacement of a substantial section of the upper balcony that covered a significant portion of the school.

Throughout this process, we also faced various challenges that demanded flexibility in our plans and tested our capacity to devise safe and effective solutions.

Certain additional tasks and complexities notably extended the scope of the project. Nevertheless, we successfully ensured the on-time delivery of the final product within the designated budget while also maintaining adherence to all safety standards.

A successful project, a happy school leadership team

“It was a pleasure working with the management team of the school to deliver a state-of-the-art learning environment for their students. They were easy to work with and made the process easy for me, on the back of a massive effort from our site team.” – David Ridgewell, Project Manager

Gulaga Services received abundant positive feedback from Randwick Boys High School for the appealing aesthetics and increased functionality of their newly transformed space.

For our team, partnering with the school to achieve something we could both be proud of was immensely rewarding.

“Our staged approach allowed us to keep the school running as normal as possible for the students. Once one stage was finished, we moved to the next and it went really smoothly, in spite of the surprises and challenges that showed up along the way.”

Gulaga is your education construction partner

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